CMDSearch 3.0 beta

About CMDSearch

We are all looking for easier way to do and reach things on the Internet, and this site is intended to make it easier for you to find things fast, with as little effort as possible.

Various search engines are used with which you can make a search with the help of just a single key word. The keys used for the various sites you can find in the key list.

The main idea is to use this site with the Firefox search plugin. When installed you don't need to switch search engine in the Firefox search box, just type the keyword instead.

Quick Guide

How to do a search?

In the search box, either on the first page of this site or in an opensearch compatible browser like Firefox (Ctrl+K), after installing the CMDSearch plugin, type:

[keyword][space][your search phrase]

To search "blue smurfs" on Google, simply type:

google blue smurfs

Or even more simple:

g blue smurfs

You can even just write:

blue smurfs

as Google is the default search engine. So if you would forget to specify a Key, you make a Google-search. Unless(!) the first word is a keyword.

You will automaticly be redirected to and have your search results before you!



In addition to making regular searches, a few tools are implemented, like, which lets you convert currencies. In those cases the 2nf, 3rd and so forth, word becomes a value. Like this:


To convert 100 Euro to USD using, type:

xe 100 eur usd



If for some reason you come to a site you didn't mean to go to, it only means that the initial word in your search is a keyword. In those cases simply write the keyword for the service you wanted to use.

bing is my friend

The above would make a search for "is my friend" on, so if you want to search Google for "bing is my friend" the do:

g bing is my friend


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to make an inquiry.

Browser Plugin

Although you can use the search on the front page, this site is mainly developed to make use of the Open Search Plugin, which works in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, and other up-to-date browsers.

Click the little down arrow at the icon to the left of your search box and choose "Add CMDSearch", or click here to install the plug-in!

For unsupported browsers/other software

If you use a browser that doesn't support the Open Search plugin there is still a chance that it might work. Use the URL below utilize the search.

Name...: CMDSearch

Add additional parameters to be replaced by the application after the equal sign.

Key listing